Our Mission

Our mission is to provide:

  • a quality, comfortable, safe and secure environment for children and youth and their escorts or supervisors on an urgent 24 hour, 7 day a week basis.

  • a comfortable, specifically designed place for the children and youth, with physical supports for the agencies in providing its care.

  • an environment protected from outside intrusion so that workers and agencies can focus upon addressing the safety and well-being of the children and youth who are already in a difficult situation.

  • strictly enforce our policies by limiting access to only those authorized by agencies to the building, as well as, noise, visiting times, the consumption and possession of drugs and alcohol and other disturbing behaviors.

Provisions of Service

Our facility will provide services in the following areas:

  • 24/7 access for accommodation or access to residents;

  • 3 hot meals per day, plus snacks;

  • WIFI;

  • Private and semi-private rooms; including semi-private washrooms

  • Guest common areas for juniors and for seniors, with T.V.;

  • Secured premises and secured bedrooms;

  • Staff members fluent in native languages in Manitoba and Ontario region;

  • Experienced kitchen staff to ensure all client's dietary needs are met; and

  • Access to a laundry facility.  

Other Features:

  • Convenient location;

  • Close to parks and playgrounds;

  • Interior drop off and pick up location;

  • Coordinate with additional support services; 

  • Private family counselling room;

  • Dressers, closets and cribs

  • Wheelchair accessible including wheel-in showers

  • Elevator; and

  • We monitor and observe all public areas through electronic means to ensure compliance with our rules and to determine appropriate actions or investigations to protect the children from exterior and internal risks.